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Garrod Inc. is a product of hardwork and entrepreneurship of a team of British – Filipino pharmacists, management consultant and scientist who are passionate about patient safety and improving the access to quality and affordable medicines in the Philippines. Hence, Garrod’s efficient processes ensures the quality and safety of its pharmaceuticals. We are SEC registered, FDA licensed and with PhilGEPS certificate.

Garrod, Inc. mission is to lead the Limited Distribution Drugs (LDD) in the Philippines and make medicines for chronic diseases, rare conditions, cancer, transplant patient and other special conditions more accessible. Hence, we have established our three business units to cater all our client’s needs. Relevantly, we are re-inventing the community pharmacy experience of discrete communities in the Philippines through our Specialty Pharmacy, the Garrod Medicine Mart.

Limited Distribution Drugs are only available through select few pharmacies or hospital pharmacies. Garrod, Inc, through its expertise, professionalism and distinct resources has been trusted by different pharmaceutical companies to have these special medicines available at the Garrod Medicine Mart so that patients may experience the convenience of delivery right at their doorstep with proper pharmaceutical care served by our competent clinical pharmacists.

Our Mission / Our Values

Our mission is to improve the quality of medicines, increase access to medicines, and strengthen primary care services in the Philippines, as the country develops a truly universal health care system.

Our values put patients at the centre of our business by providing personalised care, connecting patients to the right medicines, and bringing their pharmacy needs closer to home.

Who We Are

Johnathan Watkins is a British-Filipino healthcare consultant and President of PILAR Research and Education, a non-profit organisation that empowers students, clinicians, and academics in the Philippines and Indonesia to do scientific research. As a healthcare consultant, he has advised organizations – both public and private sector – on multimillion-pound contracts (equivalent to billions of Philippine pesos). He has a PhD in Cancer Bioinformatics from King’s College London, an MA in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge, and over thirty peer-reviewed publications to his name, including joint first authorship of a paper that was the 45th most discussed research output on traditional and new media from among 2.7 million in 2016 (Watkins, The Lancet, 2016). Other achievements include being selected as a Leader of Tomorrow at the 43rd St Gallen Symposium.

Jun Vergara is an oncology pharmacist with extensive experience in verifying and interpreting physician’s medication orders, preparing chemotherapy, total parenteral nutrition and intravenous admixture. His years of experience in this specialized field of pharmacy practice include working in King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Saudi Arabia and The Medical City in the Philippines. Both hospitals are accredited by Joint Commission International. He has also worked as a pharmacist for the United Nations.

Ruth Malanao is part of the pioneer team for a Pfizer Efficiency Program supporting the Medical Affairs section of Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand (Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar), Singapore, Indonesia, India and the Philippines covering mainly anti-infectives and oncology portfolios. She is experienced in quality management and has worked with local and international accreditations. She has increased revenue of Delos Santos Medical Center’s Pharmacy, a Metro Pacific Hospital, by 43%, improved its inventory management through incorporation of technology and enhancement of workflow processes, started its clinical pharmacy program and established a partnership with the University of Santo Tomas for its Clinical Pharmacy Clerkship program in DLSMC. She also pioneered the Clinical Pharmacy program of Ospital ng Makati. She has authored and co-authored two research papers about Clinical Pharmacy practice, both of which were presented at the Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy.

Iarah Antonio  is an experienced procurement pharmacist coordinating all activities related to procurement of medicines that meet safety and health standards at a cost-effective price. These activities include storage, inventory, and quality management. She is experienced in interacting with local and international suppliers. She is knowledgeable in regulatory affairs and government procurement processes.


Our Services

While others are transactional, Garrod Medicine Mart is innovative, specialized and personalized. A specialty pharmacy serves specialized medicines for chronic diseases, rare conditions, cancer, transplant patient and other special conditions.

Our clinical pharmacists will help you understand your condition and manage your medications. Witness pharmaceutical care and thoughtful service that will redefine your community pharmacy experience. We understand you.

Have the convenience of receiving your medicines right at your doorstep. Talk to our Clinical Pharmacist. We are here to help.

Garrod Wholesale offers quality yet affordable medicines across diversified portfolios under the following therapeutic areas: Oncology, Infectious Diseases, Cardiovascular and Gastrointestinal Diseases.

How we do it

Advocates of patient safety, Garrod has placed systems relative to Pharmacovigilance. Thus, assuring the quality of our medicines, all have Certificates of Product Registration (CPR) issued by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They have Certificates of Analysis (COA) conforming to standards. Our suppliers are certified with Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), accredited by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and are from member-countries of the Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme (PICS). The experience, knowledge and skills of Garrod’s management team enables us to source and sustain trustworthy relationships with these suppliers. Affordable quality medicines will give our clients savings, enabling them to offer patients cost-effective treatment options.

Why this matters

Putting patient safety first and ensuring access to quality and affordable medicines in the Philippines is an important factor in improving healthcare.


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